My body, my emotions

Creative and innovative materials for parents to provide age-appropriate and fact-based sexual education for children

About the project

Sexuality and therefore also sexual education are important components in the life of all people. The attitudes and values associated with sexuality are formed during childhood and adolescence, therefore an age-appropriate sexual education should start at an early age. Sexual education includes cognitive, emotional, social, interactive and physical aspects of sexuality.

The aim of the project is to support parents and custodians in implementing high-quality sexual education at home. This means providing them with reliable, fact-based information about developmental stages, suitable topics and approaches, and proven tips for discussing these topics.

In cooperation with very experienced partner organisations, a sexual education website for parents and custodians is being developed. In addition to a handbook, the website will also contain an app that informs children in a fun, playful and age-appropriate way about important topics relating to body, emotions and respect.

With our project we want to promote diversity, respect and equality in addition to sexual education. It will provide parents as well as custodians and children with information based on the principles of gender equality, respect for one's own and others' feelings and bodies, understanding of people with different sexual orientation, etc. The app and the materials developed by our project partners are in accordance with the recommendations of the EU and the WHO.

An open educational resource will be made available, freely accessible on the internet in six European languages.

Planned outputs

The portal will offer the following tools and materials:

  • A handbook for parents "Providing sex education at home"
  • App for kids "My body, my emotions"
  • Further information for parents (information centres, self-help groups etc.)
  • Further links and literature references

Languages: English, German, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian

Primary target group: parents and custodians as well as their children

Secondary target group: teachers and educators as well as training and consulting institutions

Partner organisations