SEL: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning in Kindergartens

O projekcie

Our world is becoming increasingly fast-changing and diverse. Social and emotional skills are a crucial factor in determining how well people adjust to their environment so they can live a fulfilled life. Therefore, children need to learn these skills from a very early age on.

The EduSkills+ SEL project aims to develop easily accessible, tested, and free materials for kindergarten teachers on the topic of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). It will contribute to a better-quality early education which focuses on a holistic approach to children and fosters their development in personal, health related, and academic areas.

The materials will include online guidelines for kindergarten teachers as well as activity plans, including ready-to-use materials for social and emotional learning in kindergarten with an emphasis on topics concerning outdoor activities and early media education. The materials will also include information about SEL for parents.

All materials will be accessible in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Slovene. They will be published online in 2026.

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